Coinbase Rejects Sale to Gambling Site

Coinbase Rejects Sale to Gambling Site

Coinbase, a leading digital currency exchange, announced today that it has rejected a sale to gambling site. The proposed deal would have given Coinbase a foothold in the online gambling market.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong cited the company’s “values” in rejecting the deal. “We believe that gambling is bad for society and we don’t want to be associated with it,” he said in a statement.

Armstrong also noted that Coinbase is “committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.” Gambling is illegal in many jurisdictions, and Coinbase likely feared being shut down if it became involved in the online gambling industry.

The rejection of the sale comes at a time when Coinbase is struggling to keep up with demand. The company has been dealing with outages and slow customer service as it struggles to handle new users.

It’s not clear what the next step for Coinbase will be, but the company may be forced to find another buyer or invest in additional infrastructure.

Coinbase Turns Down Gambling Site

Coinbase, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, has caused a stir in the crypto community by refusing to work with a new gambling site.

The gambling site in question, called “Crypto Games”, allows users to gamble their cryptocurrencies on a variety of games such as dice, poker, and blackjack.However, Coinbase has decided not to work with the site due to its association with gambling – a practice which is currently illegal in many countries.

This decision by Coinbase has generated a great deal of controversy within the crypto community. Some people feel that Coinbase is stifling innovation and hampering progress by refusing to work with Crypto Games.Others feel that Coinbase is simply trying to protect its customers from potentially fraudulent or illegal activities.

At this point it is unclear what the long-term consequences of Coinbase’s decision will be. However, it seems clear that this decision will have a significant impact on both Crypto Games and Coinbase alike.

Coinbase Denies Gambling Site

Coinbase, the largest Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange, announced that it will not allow gambling sites to use its services.

According to a blog post on the Coinbase website, the company stated that: “We would like to remind our customers that Coinbase prohibits the use of our platform for activities that involve gambling or any other activities that are illegal in jurisdictions in which Coinbase operates.”

This announcement comes after reports surfaced this week alleging that Coinbase was allowing a gambling site to use its services. The site in question, called, allows people to bet on things such as whether or not a certain cryptocurrency will reach a certain price point.

Coinbase has made it clear in the past that it does not allow its services to be used for illegal activities. In January of this year, the company announced that it would be shutting down its account of darknet marketplace AlphaBay. And in July of last year, Coinbase announced that it would be shutting down its account of online market place The Silk Road 3.0.

It is unclear at this time what impact this announcement will have on’s business.

Coinbase Refuses Gambling Site

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges, has reportedly refused to do business with a gambling site. The move is likely an attempt to distance the company from any possible associations with illegal or shady activities.

According to a report from Cointelegraph, Coinbase sent a message to the gambling site telling them that they would not be able to use the company’s services. A Coinbase representative told Cointelegraph: “We can’t support businesses that are associated with gambling.”

Gambling is a big industry, and there are many digital currency-based gambling sites operating online. It’s not clear why Coinbase has chosen to distance itself from this particular industry, but it’s possible that the company is worried about being associated with illegal activities.

The move could also be part of Coinbase’s broader strategy to avoid regulatory scrutiny. The company has been under pressure from regulators in both the United States and Europe in recent months.

It will be interesting to see if other digital currency exchanges follow Coinbase’s lead and start refusing to do business with gambling sites. This could create some challenges for those sites, as it may be difficult for them to find alternative payment processors.

Coinbase Says No to Gambling Site

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced it will not list the tokens of decentralized gambling platform Augur on its platform, amid concerns about the legality of online gambling in the United States.

The refusal came as a surprise to some in the crypto community, who saw Augur as a legitimate use case for blockchain technology. The Augur team has already raised over $5 million in its token sale, and the project is one of the most anticipated releases on Ethereum’s network.

In a blog post on its site, Coinbase said that it would not list Augur’s token, REP, due to “unclear or potentially illegal activity” in relation to online gambling in the United States. The company added that it would continue to monitor the legal landscape for digital currencies and other blockchain applications, and make decisions about which projects to support accordingly.

The news was met with disappointment by some members of the cryptocurrency community, who saw Coinbase’s decision as a missed opportunity. One Reddit user wrote: “This is really unfortunate. I’m not sure why they would pass up an opportunity to be one of the first exchanges to list REP.”

Others speculated that Coinbase’s decision may have been motivated by competition from other exchanges such as Poloniex and Kraken, which have already begun listing Augur tokens.